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We are the sole distributors of Ecopure products in Africa.

Please visit ourĀ Ecopure website for more information related to our domestic water filter range, water treatment technology and easy to follow installation guides.

A selected range of BWS products are available on our e-commerce page. Should you have a specific request related to another product, please contact one of our branches.

Please follow the link below for more information or to place an order at one of our branches.


We have selected iXWater products as our preferred domestic and commercial appliance filter range.

Please send an enquiry for more information or to place an order at one of our branches.


Water treatment technology varies from basic physical or barrier filtration to more advanced chemical treatment media. The initial water quality as well as the desired end result will determine the treatment methodology.

The following water treatment methodologies are more commonly used for municipal and non-municipal water sources, such as borehole or rainwater.

Water Refills & Rentals

Rental Options from as little as R170/month.

Our services rental options start from as little as R170 per month (at participating stores), and a service offering can be tailor-made based on your unique office or personal requirements.
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