BB10 Dual Filter System


Basic 10” water filter system to reduce turbidity levels and improve colour, taste and odour.

●  High flow point-of entry system between municipal mains and property, e.g. small houses.

Water treatment media:
● 1µ or 5µ Meltblown sediment filter, and
●  5µActivated Carbon Block.

Contaminant reduction/removal:
●  Chlorine,
●  Dirt, rust and suspended matter, and
●  Herbicides, pesticides, disinfectant by-products and an array of chemical and organic impurities.

●  For municipal and rainwater. Do not use water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality,
●  Includes aluminium dual wall mount bracket, spanner and filter set,
●  Housings constructed with 1” ports for unrestricted flow,
●  Pressure relief valve on housings,
●  6.9 bar maximum pressure rating,
●  Approximately 6 months life span with normal water quality and usage, and
●  Unit dimensions: 450mm x 400mm.


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