BWS Premier Triple Undercounter System – complete


Premier 10” triple system to reduce turbidity levels and produce healthy, alkaline and remineralised water and provide optimal protection against bacteria, viruses and cysts.

●  Complete point-of-use undercounter system with separate faucet.

Water treatment media:
●  5µ Meltblown sediment filter,
●  2µ Ultra filter with hollow fibre membrane, and
●  KDF/GAC/pHFIX water purification media.

Contaminant reduction/removal:
●  Chlorine,
●  Dirt, rust and suspended matter,
●  Most organic chemicals and compounds including THM’s (Trihalomethanes),
●  Hormones, toxins and detergents including herbicides and pesticides,
●  Bacteria, viruses & cysts, and
●  Trace heavy metals, incl. Copper, Aluminium, Mercury Zinc and more.

●  For municipal water that complies with SANS 241 Drinking Water Standards.
●  Do not use water that is perceived as unsafe or of unknown quality,
●  For water pH range between 6.5 and 8.5,
●  Includes faucet and installation kit,
●  3lt/min maximum flow rate,
●  Approximately 12 to 18 months life span with normal water quality and usage,
●  Approximately 10,000lt capacity with normal water quality and usage, and
●  Unit dimensions: 450mm x 370mm


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