BWS Triple Point-of-Entry Rainwater System


Triple 20” rainwater system to reduce turbidity levels, provide optimal protection against bacteria, viruses and cysts and produce healthy, alkaline and remineralised water.

●  Point-of-entry system for rainwater treatment;
●  System requires a pressure pump for acceptable water flow.

Water treatment media:
●  5µ Meltblown sediment filter,
●  GAC/pH FIX, and
●  0.2µ Ultra filter with hollow fibre membrane.

Contaminant reduction/removal:
●  Dirt, rust and suspended matter, and
●  Bacteria, viruses & cysts.

●  For rainwater use,
●  Includes triple wall mount bracket, spanner and filters,
●  Housings constructed with 3/4” ports,
●  Approximately 12 months life span, proving the water storage tank is cleaned on an annual basis, and
●  Unit dimensions: 700mm x 300mm


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