Eco-3 PLUS Filter System – complete


Advanced undercounter filter system that is easy to fit, compact, budget friendly with low maintenance cost.

●  Complete point-of-use undercounter system with separate faucet.

Water treatment media:
●  1µ Activated Carbon Block, and
●  Active Ceramics with NSF 42 approval.

Contaminant reduction/removal:
●  Chlorine,
●  Dirt, rust and suspended matter,
●  Most organic chemicals and compounds including THM’s (Trihalomethanes), and
●  Ceramics prevent re-growth or breeding of bacteria, fungi or algae within the cartridge.

●  For municipal water. Do not use water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality,
●  Includes faucet and installation kit, easy to install,
●  3lt/min flow rate,
●  7 bar maximum pressure,
●  Up to 12 months life span with normal water quality and usage,
●  8,000lt capacity with normal water quality and usage, and
●  Unit dimensions: 265mm x 85mm.

Complete installation guide available on

●  Advisable to appoint an Ecopure Reseller or qualified Plumber to install the system,
●  Recommended to install the filter unit upright,
●  Recommended to use a pre-sediment filter before the unit if the fine sediment load of the municipal water supply is known to be moderate to high,
●  Do not install the unit without the Pressure Reducing Valve (included), and
●  The t-piece and saddle clamp included will only fit on to 15mm (1/2 inch) plumbing fittings.


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