Eco-6 Water Remineraliser


Add essential minerals, such as Potassium, Calcium, Iron and Magnesium to produce healthy alkaline water and increase pH. This process combats acidic, demineralised water produced by Reverse Osmosis systems.

●  In-line water remineraliser for domestic Reverse Osmosis systems or for appliances.

Water treatment media:
●  Active Ceramics with NSF 42 approval for remineralising.

●  Minerals which are added WILL NOT cause scale in kettles, dishwashers and other appliances with a heat exchange element.
●  Ceramics prevent re-growth or breeding of bacteria, fungi or algae within the cartridge

●  For municipal water. Do not use water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality,
●  Easy to install, supplied with 6 mm or 1/4″ push-fit fittings,
●  3lt/min flow rate,
●  7 bar maximum pressure,
●  Up to 24 months life span with normal water quality and usage,
●  10,000lt capacity with normal water quality and usage, and
●  Unit dimensions: 190mm x 50mm.

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